Line editing (Light)


Line editing beefs up your manuscript while preserving one of the story’s most vital elements: your voice.

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Product Description

Copyediting takes care of the cosmetic aspects of your manuscript, but line editing takes care of the substance; the flesh of your manuscript. Line editing spruces up the style, flow and rhythm in your manuscript, reworking sentence structure while preserving your voice in the story. Think of it as a bootcamp for your book: the end result is a sleeker, stronger manuscript. Your story gets the best possible chance to shine through and captivate readers, without being obscured by style and syntax issues.

Your manuscript will benefit from line editing if:

  • You’re a first-time author and you haven’t had a line or content editor look at your manuscript
  • Your manuscript is heavy on dialogue
  • You’ve received feedback from beta readers that your story and plot are strong, but it’s difficult to engage with the story due to style and syntax issues


What’s the difference between light and heavy line editing?

SImply put, heavy line editing is closer to a rewrite than light line editing. In a heavy line edit, the syntax, sentence flow, and stylistic issues are much more frequent and complex than they would be in a light line edit.