How Much Should You Pay A Service Publisher for Distribution?


Online distribution across global retailers is not expensive. Yes, you heard us. You shouldn’t be paying an arm and a leg for this. Yet time and again, hybrid and vanity publishers are charging authors a hefty fee to get their title listed in stores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

No, no, no. You shouldn’t be paying that much! And more to the point, you shouldn’t have to pay for so many copies of your own book.


How Much Does Title Distribution cost?


To answer this, we’ll first explain what it takes to set up distribution across global retailers.

First, we crack our knuckles.

Then, we get a good grip on our mouse.

And then, with a few clicks of the mouse, we work some magic throughout the vast Ingram network, and voila! It’s done.

Your title is now set up for worldwide distribution.

Of course, it takes a little bit of expertise to find your way around the network efficiently, but that’s all you should be paying for, to be honest.

So how much does Firewords charge for this? $79 USD. Yep. That’s all. On top of that … Firewords will never charge you for distribution if you’re already paying for editorial services.

Wait, what?

That’s right. Title setup and worldwide distribution are always complimentary with any editorial service at Firewords.


The Ingram Network


Firewords’ distribution service allows you to tap into the you the largest and most reliable distribution network worldwide, with access to leading e-book and print-on-demand technologies.

Through Ingram’s vast network, your title can be set up on Apple’s iBooks or Amazon Kindle stores, reaching readers worldwide, including all major English-language markets. Your book will be accessible to over 39,000 independent bookstores, chains, online stores and retailers, libraries, and schools with fast and reliable Print-On-Demand (POD) options as well.


Your First Print Run


Here’s where some publishers get greedy. With POD technology, you no longer have to store a large amount of printed books and hope to sell them off quickly. Instead, you only need an initial print run of the exact number of copies needed for on-the-ground marketing. If you need more copies once your on-the-ground marketing campaign is launched, you can simply order more via POD and you’ll receive them in a couple of weeks.

However, predatory service publishers and vanity publishers will try to earn money by asking you to purchase a large amount of copies of your book. This allows them to earn royalties (which they should not be taking from you, if they are a service publisher) on your first print cycle, so that they hit their sales target before you actually get any copies of your book sold.

At Firewords, we will never ask you to buy a large number of copies of your own book (unlike predatory publishers, who will often force writers to commit to buying thousands of copies of their own book as part of the publishing contract). We wouldn’t even ask you to buy copies of your own book if you don’t need them! If we wanted to profiteer, we’d be in the piracy business, not publishing.

Instead, we’ll chat with you about your on-the-ground marketing campaign and advise you on the minimum quantity you should print based on your plan. You could even just print one copy, but of course, the print price will not be as low as it would be in bulk.

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