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The Lowest Platform Fees.

We heard you, writers. From exorbitant platform fees to murky publishing contracts, crowdfunding your book on author-specific platforms is less than ideal. Say no more, fam! Lodestar’s crowdfunding fees are the lowest you’ll find. It’s a flat fee of 3% plus payment gateway fees (we use Stripe, so this is typically 3.4%). That’s no more than 7% of your funding amount. Ever. Why? It’s simple: we don’t think anyone should have to break the bank to get published.

We Set Up Your Campaign.

Campaigns with slick copy and a compelling story are more likely to succeed. We want you to get published without burning a hole in your wallet, so we’ll handle your campaign collaterals for you. We’ll edit your sample, create a gorgeous cover, help you figure out your pricing and your backer rewards, and guide you in your marketing strategy. We’ll even give you a campaign video. The best part: all this support is part of Lodestar’s service, and it’s 100% free. 

You Get Published.

It’s easy to get published with Lodestar, with your book available on all major online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and The Books Depository. Simply hit your basic funding goal (equivalent to 100 backers, each buying one print copy of your book) to get published. This basic funding goal covers your book’s layout in print and ebook format, cover design, light copyediting, and proofreading. You keep copyright of your book, and you receive 100% of your royalties, forever.


Get published in one week.

Want to get your story out there quickly? Keep all your royalties, with no hidden fees. Our Firestarter (Jet)Pack turns your completed manuscript into a published book in just one week.  Sell your book in print and ebook format worldwide via online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and The Book Depository. Blaze your way through the publishing process with help from our experts. You'll get professional layout and elegant cover design — and best of all, your story will be where it belongs: in readers' hands.  


Developmental and line editing, for a serious narrative power-up. Copyediting and line editing, to put some shine on your story. All by dedicated experts, who’ll take your book to the next level.

Design And Layout

Sleek covers that tell a story about your story. Immaculate book interiors that look great in print or any e-reader. After all, your story deserves no less before it meets the world.


Coaching, detailed plans and the tools you need to showcase your book to the world. Marketing plans as unique as your story, so it can reach readers awaiting their next favourite book. 


Complimentary title setup across major distribution and retail channels (including Amazon) with any editorial or marketing service. You keep the copyright, you keep the royalties: you earned it. 

We Love Stories, Too.

For Writers, By Writers.
We’ve worn both the author and editor hats: we understand your needs and concerns as a writer. We’ve walked a mile—or ten—in your shoes, and we understand the pitfalls and opportunities in self-publishing.  To put it simply, we’re your fans. Firewords is helmed by a passion-driven team that puts authors first. Everything you see here is a reflection of our mission to help authors let their stories run free.
Freedom. Flexibility.
Every author’s journey is different. One-size-fits-all packages simply don’t work for everyone. Often, these packages mean that you end up spending more than you need to—or want to. Instead of static packages, we have the powerful, flexible Build Your Own Book feature. This gives you the freedom to select only the services you need, while delivering the savings from bundled packages.
Personal Consultants.
Every author needs support and information throughout their self-publishing journey. We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay a king’s ransom to get dedicated consultant support. That’s why we provide consultant support for all authors: whether you simply need your manuscript proofread or a more complex set of services. For more complex service solutions, we include weekly check-ins with your consultant.


Find What You Need

Select the services you need using our Build Your Own Book feature. Not sure what you need? Tell us more about your book here. We’ll include some service recommendations with your editorial report to get you started in your self-publishing journey.

For more complex service arrays, your consultant will check in with you once a week to update you on the progress of your manuscript, from editing to cover design and layout.

Talk to us.

Chat with one of our consultants about your plans for you book, so we can better understand your unique author needs.Before we begin work on your book, we’ll send you the recommended changes and lead times for your service selection. 

After all editorial changes are complete, you’ll get a digital proof for review and signoff. Then, we’ll set up your book for global print and ebook distribution. Self-publishing has never been easier.

Get published.

Congratulations, your book has been released into the wild! It’s now time for a chat with your consultant. We’ll take you through the basics of managing your title as well as setting up pricing, promotions and giveaways.

If you’ve selected any marketing services, we’ll also walk you through your marketing campaign, teaching you how to use the tools and content platforms in your customized marketing plan.

Happy Writers.

A.K. Lee, Author of 'The Kaedin Secret'

When you find a good editor, you’re lucky. They help clarify your vision. Samantha certainly helped me see The Kaedin Secret as more than just a little queer romance set in a fantasy world. I now have a deeper message that I want to tell the world. The process wasn’t all one way either. I turned down some edits that she suggested. Sticking to my guns on those occasions were helpful to me as a writer too, because I could then articulate why I refused to make certain changes.

I still have my very first draft. When I compare that to what she has helped me craft, I thank all the Creators that my subconscious chose to remember her name from so many years ago. Having someone to guide me through my edits made me a better and more focused writer. And now, I have another NaNoWriMo to conquer – this time, armed with the tools that Samantha has given me.

[Read the full review here.]

Vivienne Loh

Without Sam’s light, humourous yet empathetic ways, this book would never have been written. I had a wonderfully smooth, supported experience with my book.


Sunita Carmel Netto

A friend and I took a writing course with Samantha. I had very specific areas of my writing that I wanted to work on. Samantha helped me with those areas, of course, but she also fired up my synapses. Just talking to her sparked several story ideas I have not been able to replicate before or since. In other words, in addition to imparting her excellent technical know-how, Samantha gives you a safe space to incubate your ideas and unlock your flow.


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